LeadMO Sponsorship Program:

Here at LeadMO, we believe in training and retaining the folks who will power the progressive movement for decades to come. Nurturing such talent is a low risk, medium return investment unlike big spends in one-off campaigns. Investing in LeadMO means investing in Missouri’s progressive infrastructure. 

If now is the right time for you to take ownership of your role in our collective mission, consider becoming a LeadMO sponsor. For more information on the sponsorship program, contact anna@leadmo.org.


“LeadMO has found a weakness in Missouri’s campaign, so many of our best and brightest leave MO when campaigns are over. LeadMO is working to train and educate campaign staff and provide opportunities to keep them in Missouri year round. I am happy to support LeadMo for their work for the State of Missouri.”

“In order for good candidates to win in Missouri, it’s critical that we have talented staff and candidates running sophisticated, modern campaigns. LeadMO’s programs build a strong foundation for a better Missouri.”

“We’re committed to the mission of LeadMO because Missouri’s public policies won’t be changed unless we have the human infrastructure across the state to make it happen. LeadMO does the hard work of building a pipeline of candidates and staff that can change the trajectory of our state. We’re proud to be a part of this movement.”

“We have a timely opportunity to invest in a new generation of leadership across Missouri. Gladiator Consulting is proud to support LeadMO’s mission of creating a diverse infrastructure of campaign staff, nonprofit/philanthropic talent, and candidates alike.”

“I’m proud to sponsor a Lead MO cohort because I believe Missouri’s future depends on bright, talented and qualified individuals. Lead MO is indispensable in ensuring these folks are ready to succeed.”